Our experience in this technically challenging sector is extensive. From simple walls in walls out, to major remodelling of occupied structures, ASC have the relevant expertise to provide commercial, practical design solutions.

We undertake detailed desk top analysis, feasibility and appraisal of any existing structure which we have been commissioned to work upon. We will also undertake an onsite survey, highlighting areas that require specialist or intrusive investigation.

Where existing information is not available or the project dictates we will perform a regressive analysis of the existing structure to determine the full load capacity of all structural elements and their suitability for the new usage. We identify strengthening or replacement works that may be required.

Through our knowledge of the construction process all our remodelling designs consider buildability parameters, so that temporary works can be minimised and the permanent works are as simple as possible to construct within the confines of the existing building.

We will work with the wider design team and contractor to understand phasing criteria for work on occupied buildings, in order that the structural solution and materials specified are considered in collaboration with the construction sequencing.